The second post

February 6, 2007 at 10:59 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s fitting that I am inspired to start my second post, sitting in front of the television, screening the lavish BBC version of Brideshead Revisited. Bad puns for my blog title aside, it really is my favourite book, and the series looks good…all dark glances (Jeremy Irons is good at them) and overcast skies. Plus of course the gorgeous Howard Castle in Yorkshire as the eponymous house.

Ah the glorious melancholy of it all, an unrequited love story (in so many directions!), leavened with the driest humour.

Funny day today. Work was the usual blinding rush, so I took the opportunity to go to an offsite meeting (mildly legitimate) in the afternoon and never return. I was somewhat foiled in my early absconding by the traffic, which was really frustratingly slow. I watched a couple of motorcyclists weave in and out and take off through the gridlock and actually winced as one of them seemed to get the speed wobbles for a moment. Didn’t think any more of it, more absorbed in my own exacting science of lane selection for optimum travel. Just when the traffic seemed to start flowing again, at around Cranbourne, it again ground to a halt. It was out the front of an agistment centre, and I saw people in riding clothes running onto the road. I thought, with a start, that maybe a horse was loose or had been hit, particularly when a truck pulled out from the queue of traffic and blocked the road. It just reminded me of those screens they put up at the racetrack. People were pulling up onto the verge, some were getting out and running forward. I considered my skills…I had no halter in the boot (what sort of a horsewoman am I?!) and no medical/veterinary skills, plus a great squeamishness. So after waiting a little while, and catching a disturbing glance of something on the ground behind the truck, I decided to make a u-turn and try another way home. The ambulance flew towards and past me as I fled the scene.

Of course, on the news, it was a motorcyclist killed, one of a pair travelling south. He rear-ended a ute, waiting behind someone turning right. (allegedly)

I don’t want this to turn into a diary, but I’m just getting my typing fingers back. Plus I’m very distracted by the sheer Englishness of Lord Marchmain, Julia and Charles. Certainly not going to start this with a meditation on the fickleness of life or the meaning of it all…I have possibly been pretentious enough already.


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