Good better best Friday

April 6, 2007 at 6:50 pm (Spirituality/Church/Theology)

Good Friday seems like such an anomaly in today’s society…it’s like the only day of enforced rest left in the calendar. It was really nice driving to church this morning and seeing all the empty shopping centre carparks, and the quiet streets.

No doubt it will eventually be eroded in favour of football and shopping (heaven forbid that we be without retail opportunities for 24 hours, especially on day that doesn’t have a particular marketing handle attached to it…no snappy rabbits, or Santa) but for now it is a welcome oasis of reflection and stillness.

Church this morning focussed on Jesus’ words on the cross and what we could take from them…about Paradise (and it was not too late even for the dying criminals), about thirsting, about loss of his Father, about handing your spirit over…


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  1. Carolina Event Planning said,

    Unfortunately in the States, Good Friday is just another BIG shopping day.


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