February 1, 2007 at 10:51 pm (introduction, new years)

It is somewhat indicative that today is the 1st of Feb and I am only just getting a new year’s resolution off the ground. No matter that it is last year’s resolution either. Details, details!

So, finally I have succumbed to the heights (can you indeed even do that?!) of navel gazing (no, you definitely can count that as a mixed metaphor), something that has always threatened, given my haphazard journal keeping.

Next to my bed sit my tattered hand written diaries. Will they become the sealed section of my internal monologue, I wonder? Because, after all, I am anticipating (perhaps wishfully) that someone may in fact read this.

But for the minute I am off to play with the features of this thing, and pat myself relentlessly on the back for even getting this far into the process.


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